“Leaders feel pressure to make sure everything gets done but also empower and develop their people. Ed brings these opposite forces together with clear guidance that keeps the whole group performing yet ensures each individual will take responsibility for the big picture. Whether you lead a management team yourself or coach someone who does, Iterate is a must-read to get everyone going in the right direction—and the same direction—every step of the way.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, author of the #1 New York Times best seller, Triggers


Iterate is about the real work of managing managers. Ed Muzio’s message is clear and necessary in today’s working world—and it is delivered in each chapter through a diverse team of managers, each with unique and relatable behaviors, tasks, and styles. As entertaining as it is enlightening, Iterate will appeal to management teams everywhere.”
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action


Iterate presents one of the most notably unique, boldly original, and commonsensically practical approaches to managing teams to come along in years. Through the clever use of story, Ed Muzio walks you through scenario after scenario of how to take each reasonable, logical next step toward organizational success. He describes what to do and provides an entire kit of practical tools and videos to help you succeed. It’s a comprehensive curriculum for mastering management in an entirely new way.”
—Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University


“Our organizations are complex systems. To find success, smart managers must iterate®, embracing that complexity rather than wishing it would all go away. This book helps managers break through and lift their leadership and their teams to a new level.”
—Michael Bungay Stanier, Author, The Coaching Habit


Iterate provides a great framework for running an organization with speed and efficiency. It eliminates politics, it’s easy to implement, and it works even when implemented informally. Muzio’s interactive management model creates teams that are self-developing, which benefits the organization in the long run.”
—Laura Oliphant, CEO, Translarity


“A must-read for managers who want to improve performance and achieve not only great results but also the right results consistently over time. What sets Iterate apart from other books on management and leadership is its focus on the organization—and on the specific management practices and behaviors that make the organization perform. If ‘fast, flexible, and focused’ sounds like the right prescription for your management team, read this book and learn to Iterate®!”
—David C. Smith, Leadership & Organizational Development, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Iterate will change the way managers show up for work and move all of management into a more effective zone. Muzio's laser focus on conveying information, making adjustments, and keeping everyone apprised in real time will add a new level of nimbleness to your team and deepen your own understanding of what's going on in your organization.”
—Karen Alderman, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Yale Law School


“Iterative Management is to traditional organizational management what Agile was to traditional project management: the next evolutionary step that could be the difference between survival and extinction. In this book, Muzio has woven together virtually every management best practice I can recall from 35 years of working with great managers in a variety of world-class organizations. Whether the organization you manage is large or small, you need Iterative Management.”
—Rob Shaum, Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Sr. Director of Data Science, Children’s Health System of Texas


Iterate doesn't belong at the top of your stack of business books - it belongs in your hands during your next coffee break! In an easy, thought-provoking read, Muzio explains how to best manage managers and why doing so is imperative. This is a rarely-addressed topic in management development, and you'll understand it in a whole new way.”
—Dawn Adams Miller, Senior L&D Specialist , Oracle


Iterate is a winner—and required reading for my whole team managing 1,200 individual contributors. Muzio cuts through the noise and addresses the realities of the business world with well-defined and well-researched solutions. This book is a field guide to running a high-performing organization and an MBA management course, all in one.”
—Brent Bloom, Vice President, Service Operations & Training, Applied Materials


“Backed by decades of research, Muzio turns traditional management thinking on its head and gives you practical examples for a better way to run your organization. The aha moments in this book are endless, and the advice is clear and simple.”
—Cherie Brothers, HR Analyst, Government Organization


“Muzio has developed practical, straightforward approaches for tackling some of the workplace’s thorniest issues—and he provides the tools, charts, and worksheets needed to begin. Ed’s methodology will help both experienced and new managers get better at communicating, planning, and executing on their plans. Iterate is an easy read for leaders and managers at every level, and it will leave you feeling better equipped to run your management team, starting right now.”
—Cathy Brown, Sr. Program Manager, Instructional Architect, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations


Iterate provides a great structure for creating a continuous learning organization. Muzio's Five Key Practices describe essential behaviors for successful management and leadership in today's work environment, and his reflection callouts are really helpful in the application of those practices.”
—Ed Cleary, Program Manager, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company


Iterate is the best articulation of everything we know about management and management meetings.”
—Bill Daniels, CEO, American Consulting and Training


“Muzio offers outstanding insight into how managers succeed in the fast-paced, networked organizations of our modern economy. Iterate offers practical, measurable ways to ensure management and knowledge workers hit their targets. If you're a manager, you have something to gain from the techniques in this book.”
—Steve Feyer, Product Marketing Director, APTTUS


Iterate is the starting point to address—or even better, avoid—organizational challenges like competing priorities, lack of alignment, and fuzzy accountability. If you can master the key practices and core components, you’ll have a culture of agility, honesty, execution, and continuous learning. Muzio has created a guide book to your organization’s success.”
—Dr. Ilean Galloway, Executive Director, Organization Development & Learning, Eisai Inc.


Iterate is based on the psychology of how people work together. It keeps the focus on real behaviors instead of general labels and is full of practical tools and tips. You’ll feel smarter and be better equipped to manage people after reading it.”
Stephanie Hemmert, Senior Education Attorney, Federal Government Agency


“Research proves that writing effective business goals is difficult; managing teams to execute those goals is just as challenging. In these turbulent, complex times, managers need a system to broadcast status, preview results, and make decisions that keep their teams in synch with the organization. Ed Muzio’s Iterate provides that system: It’s clear, it’s executable, and frankly, it’s ‘SMART as Hell’—I wish I had written it!”
—Glenn Hughes, award-winning author of A Graphic Guide to writing SMART as Hell Goals!


Iterate provides practical management tools to break down complexity and help you adapt quickly to today’s fast-paced business environment. Ed’s focus on inclusive behaviors and functional conversations equips managers and their teams to stay ahead of the curve and deliver.
—Susan Insley, Vice President of Human Resources, VMware


“Muzio is one of the planet's clearest thinkers on management practice.”
—Helen Kelly, European Editor, The Working Manager


“As an executive leader with over 25 years of experience spanning multiple C-level roles in product management and engineering, customer experience, and information technology, I have read dozens of books on leadership and management. Iterate is the clearest method I’ve seen for creating and leading a management team that handles complexity without becoming rigid—Muzio’s advice is practical and targeted. Because my company’s focus on innovation demands that we stay focused yet adaptable amidst rapid change, I am handing out copies of Iterate to my own senior leadership team. Take a look, read the book, and I guarantee you’ll have your enterprise running better before you finish the last chapter!”
—Brian Lillie, Chief Product Officer, Equinix


Iterate shows managers how to define the rules of their game, keep score, and make ‘in game adjustments’ that lead to victories. Muzio blends timeless and timely management thought into a cogent framework for articulating, aligning, assessing, and achieving organizational goals, and provides a robust portfolio of tools to help readers make the leap from theory to practice.”
—Cameron M. Ford, PhD, Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Executive Director, Blackstone LaunchPad at UCF, College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida


As our company grew from less than 50 people to more than 400, we faced significant challenges in sustaining efficient information flow throughout our organization and coordinating fast, effective decision making. Iterative Management gave us the tools to address these challenges successfully, so that we could scale rapidly while maintaining our market leadership position and our reputation for innovation and agility. We highly recommend this approach for any emerging company that needs to scale quickly.”
—Conor Madigan, PhD, President and Co-Founder, Kateeva


"Deceptively simple, actionable, and comprehensive, this book is a clearly laid-out guide to the discipline of managing management that’s useful for all levels, including the most senior leaders. Consistently practicing the key elements Muzio outlines will eliminate counterproductive ‘organizational blast waves' that often have significant negative consequences. Iterate is a call to action that will change your people, products, and profits."
—Paul Marella, Senior Director, Corporate Learning Center and Former Senior Vice President & Division General Manager, KLA-Tencor


“As an HR professional with over two decades of experience in supporting managers, I highly recommend Iterate. It not only offers us a chance to deal with the talent shortage we all face by boosting our teams and the individuals who make them up but also is a comprehensive, tactical toolkit that enables management teams to optimize their systems, processes, and organizations. I loved it!”
—Vaadra Martinez, Director of Human Resources, Lavu Inc.


“This book raises the manager and team performance bar up—way up! Muzio covers complex concepts in a conversational language that’s not only easy to understand but also specific enough to put into practice. You’ll be able to apply the tools and advice immediately, and at any level. Iterate is going on my team’s required reading list.”
—Susan Pavelek, Manager, Business Process Management, Occidental Petroleum Corporation


“Throw out HR's traditional 'performance management' and manage business performance instead. Lead your people as Muzio outlines, and you'll create a regular cadence of adaptation that keeps both management and the front line ahead of the next change instead of constantly chasing after the last one.”
—Brett Rodgers, Vice President of Global Human Resources, SACHEM, Inc.


“Founded on well-established principles of organizational learning and developed over years of consulting experience, this book presents a packaged system of practical methods to help managers deal with uncertainty. Iterate is a valuable, reliable resource for any manager who’s looking for tools to manage successfully in a complex world.”
—Carl Schuh, JD & Retired Instructor, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Arizona State University


“Muzio has been in the trenches, and it shows. Iterate provides immediate, easy-to-implement advice, supported by vivid illustrations and clear examples. You'll improve your communication and strengthen your management team as soon as you start reading.”
—Denise Schultze, Business Excellence Manager, Plasma-Therm, LLC


“The pace of change and disruption facing organizations is unlikely to ever slow down. Whether you’re in a large, multinational corporation or a growing start-up, Iterate arms your managers with the essential behaviors and practices for learning together to produce results, along with the refreshing openness of a system of management that strives to continuously understand, assess, and improve upon those outcomes. Put these practices in place, Iterate®, and win!”
—Lee Sessions, Managing Director, Intel Capital


“Are you weary of the corporate tyranny holding you to your predictions of an unpredictable future? Be a force in ending it by implementing the management lessons offered in Iterate. Like the best teacher you ever had, Muzio convinces you of your own ability to convert a rigid culture of political competition to one of flexible cooperation in the real world of resource constraints and constant change. His advice is practical, logical, and clear, and you’ll know you can do this!”
—Kevin Slaughter, Principal Learning Consultant, National Healthcare Provider


“Ed has done it again. Iterate is a must-read for anyone in a management position or advancing into one. This book breaks down complex concepts and useful tools into simple, actionable illustrations and advice. You'll come away with a thorough understanding of your role in the management system and what you can do to improve your part of the organization.”
—Valerie Venters, PMP, CCP, Senior Manager, Global Petrochemical Supplier


“Easy-to-read, thought-provoking, and practical. Iterate is one of those books you wish you had come across earlier in your career. Muzio's effective illustrations and wise guidance will help anyone, from seasoned executives to brand new managers, improve upon how their teams create plans, make decisions, and deliver results.”
—Ken Wells, Head of Corporate Learning and Development, FM Industries


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